Rhodie Hill Farm

Who's Your Daddy? Bob & RHF Coral Island's Lady

Who’s Your Daddy? Bob & RHF Coral Island’s Lady

    Welcome to Rhodie Hill Farm in the beautiful countryside of upstate New York! We are Viv and Bob Fulton and are proud to show you our farm and critters. Our farm name is an affectionate term in honor of Bob’s original interest in growing rhododendrons and the fact we’re on a hill! We continue to downsize more by the natural cycle of life than anything else and currently have a much smaller family of critters to take care of.

    Our family now consists of only 22 retired but still fiber producing llamas, three miniature donkeys, and our two barn cats (Holly & Max) plus 2-3 more outdoor cats (Dallas, Red, and Tux) that seem to have decided to temporarily make our barns their home for days/weeks/months at a time.

    We’re quite a bit smaller now in terms of numbers of animals from when the barns were full of sheep and later llamas but none the less, it feels like we’re just as busy.   We’re doing better at updating our website but still are behind in getting photos of our products up and even talking about some of them.  We have added a Facebook business page naturally called Rhodie Hill Farm- we’d love you to Like us and add us as your friend.  We recognize that Facebook is mainly an opportunity to post photos of what we’re doing so I hope to be adding some “in progress” shots there.  I’ve mentioned earlier that my blog (Fulton’s Folly) just wasn’t getting updated often enough so I plan to use the space for pictures & descriptions of the yarns and woven items we have for sale.  And the next exciting future project will be an Esty shop so you’ll have two areas to check out our products.

    We continue to utilize the fiber from our own llamas raised right here in central NY.  What’s that latest buzz word? Self-raised?  That’s it – that’s what we’ve actually been doing ever since we started shearing our llamas back in 1986.  It’s just now recognized that telling people your handmade hats and shawls and scarves are made from fiber produced by your own animals is as important as the items themselves.  You’ll also find our farm grown creations at three of the regional fiber festivals this coming year: the CNY Fiber Arts Festival in Bouckville, NY June 11 & 12, Fingerlakes Fiber Festival in Hemlock, NY September 17 & 18, and at the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY October  15 & 16.  We also have our products at the local yarn shop Mill Artisans in Sherburne, NY at 14 West State Street across from the firehouse & near the post office.

    Bob continues to build peg looms, continuous strand looms, and stands to support Viv’s workshops and student requests between Spring and Fall.  Without a heated garage or outbuilding, it’s not a pleasureable thing to be doing when cold weather hits. To keep the enjoyment factor alive as he individually crafts these, he refuses to turn his wood working into a factory line.  We hope our refusal to offer these wholesale or in quantity means you’ll apprciate the individual attention he pays to each and every one of them.  This winter, he’s creating the plans for an adjustable triangle continuous strand loom that will have a 3-6 foot weaving hypotenuse with adjustments at foot intervals.  This will fill the requests by folks who are already using one of our Student triangle looms and now want to make larger projects.  Keep watch on the webpage that highlights these looms, Facebook, and our future Etsy shop.

    We will be scheduling Spring Fiber Workshops starting in March 2016.  If you are interested in either a beginner level or a more advanced class, let us know.  All hands on fiber workshops are held at Mill Artisans, 14 West State St., Sherburne, NY 13460.  They are 4 hours long and usually run from 10 AM – 2 PM right thru the lunch hour (you can bring your own lunch or we can order out).  Go to the relative individual workshop pages on this website for details about what these workshops entail.  First signees usually get to pick the dates.

    We can continue to sell and mail out our other products like any of the books we carry, Rakestraw Spinners, woven items, shawl sticks, weaving tools, etc.  We don’t routinely mail out any of the continuous strand looms, loom stands, or larger peg looms right now but I’ll be purchasing the appropriate size boxes for those so we will be able to in the future.  I’ll be adding a Pay Pal business account soon too but in the meantime, we accept personal checks. If you have any questions about our products or workshops, please email us directly.  Contact info is always at the very bottom of our webpages.

While Mom chews her cud, her cria takes a shady siesta

While Mom chews her cud, her cria takes a shady siesta

Upcoming 2016 Events:

(Schedule between March 1st and October 31st) Fiber related workshops – see the Workshop webpage for details.  Email us with your preferred dates and if you are interested in either a beginner or advanced level.
(Schedule between May 1st & Sept 31st) Additional non-fiber related workshops – see the Workshop webpage for details         Email us with your preferred dates!
June 11 & 12 CNY Fiber Arts Festival, Bouckville, NY   http://cnyfiber.org
 We’re in Tent B.  Also, Viv will be teaching a Rectangle Loom Continuous Weave Workshop on Saturday EVENING June 11th from 5:30-9:30 pm.

September 19 & 20 Finger Lakes Fiber Festival, Hemlock, NY   http://gvhg.org/fiber-fest
Viv will periodically demo weaving on Peg Looms, Triangle, and  Rectangle Looms
throughout the weekend.  We’re in the new Hemlock Hall building along the outside wall.
October 17 & 18 NYS Sheep & Wool Festival, Rhinebeck, NY  http://www.sheepandwool.com   We’re in Bldg. 30 Booth 4.