Our Sales Policies

Our General Sales Policies:  We want you to be pleased so review our descriptions about each product we sell and contact us by email at rhfsales@rhodiehillfarm.com if you have any questions.  At this time, we can only accept US domestic and Canadian sales, and only by contacting us to order.  
Costs: We have placed what we feel are fair prices on our products.  You might find something similar, cheaper or more expensive elsewhere but it undoubtedly won’t be the same thing.  We strive to make and provide unique items whether they are designed and made by us or simply provided to our customers as a convenience knowing they will be useful to you.  We do not sell our products wholesale; we’re way too small for that.  Please be content to know that these items are not mass-produced on some assembly line but are individually handcrafted right here in central NY on our farm.  The llama fiber is all from our herd; as was the cashmere and some of the sheep wool.  As our fiber herd has passed over the rainbow bridge, we purchase yarns from our friends who either have unique talents in dyeing, or special herds of fiber animals themselves – all grown and raised in the US.  The handcrafted wood products are also locally sourced and Bob builds them in our garage or on the kitchen porch during the warm weather months. The Rakestraw Spinners and Indigo Hound 5 Pitch English Combs are also US made.  Only a couple of items like tapestry needles or locker hooks are commercially purchased.

Taxes:  We collect New York State Sales Tax on the appropriate items.  In most cases, non-fiber items like books, looms, and tools require 8% sales tax.  For items individually costing less than $110.00, and made of fiber including carded roving, yarns, and woven items like scarves, and shawls, etc., at this time, no sales tax is charged since we live in Chenango County.  (You may find this varies when we are at Fiber Festivals across the state.)  I will calculate the amount of total sales tax (if applicable) and include it in the per item price for your shopping cart order.

Shipping & Handling Charges:   All in stock items will be shipped by the US Postal Service within 5 days of payment.  You will be charged pretty much the actual cost of mailing; insurance over the $50 automatically provided by US Postal Service’s Priority Mail coverage is optional but MUST be requested by the buyer and will be charged back to the buyer.  In general, smaller items will be bundled and packaged in standard sized mailing boxes so a standard shipping/handling charge of $7 will be calculated.  Separate shipping & handling charges will only be added for products requiring special packaging including but not limited to, wood weaving tools, looms, loom stands, and English Combs as these are usually shipped in special sized packaging. Naturally as we combine as many of your purchased items together as possible to lessen total shipping charges, we will let you know if there will be multiple packages making up your order.  If you are purchasing multiple items, contact us BEFORE putting your order thru PayPal so we can discuss the final shipping costs.

Payment Terms:  US funds are required. We accept personal checks (must clear the bank before shipment of the products), postal money orders.

Also for a limited time, you can use your credit cards thru our knucklebuster system.  That means you’ll tell me exactly what you want via an email to bvfulton@frontiernet.net and I’ll phone you to get your credit card number and other important info.  Then I’ll phone that info to Nationwide Payments – the system we use thru Total Merchants Concepts, Inc.  Once I get the payment approved, I’ll ship out your item and will let you know the US mail tracking code via email.