Interested in DOING something with your llamas?  Consider packing!  Let us teach you to teach your llama the basic steps.  We target our instruction to the type of packing you are interested in, e.g., pleasure vs. commercial, day or lunch hikes vs. overnight distance packing.

You will learn about fitting basic pack equipment, the purposes of each part, and techniques for teaching your llama to accept it.  We also use a mini-obstacle situation to build a progressive learning experience for both you and your llama.  We work on basics first and advance into an actual hike that includes water, brush, swampy or boggy ground, low tree branches, logs, hills (up & down), and woods.  Many of the obstacles typically encountered in a basic level pack trial will be negotiated.

Bring whatever pack saddle and systems you have – we’ll help you make sense of all the straps and buckles.

Depending on the level of training your llama already has, this usually turns into a 2-Day Workshop.  There are area motels and you can tent camp on our lawn.  Your llama is welcome to stay too either in his trailer or our barnyard or, within your panels/staked out if you are camping here.  This is an All Day (Rain or Shine), Hands-On Workshop that runs 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. including over the lunch time.
Our well trained llamas have now passed on so we would prefer you bring your own (one llama per handler) so we can tailor the instruction to your unique situation.  We just ask that you deworm your animal(s) 2 weeks before they come to our farm.  Llamas must be at least 8 months old to maximize learning and minimize stress.  They should also be already trained to lead reasonably well.  You are expected to be able to physically handle your own animal; both of you are expected to be in reasonable condition and capable of hiking a mild trail (½ mile each way) but that does go up and down a relatively steep hill and thru water.

Please bring a bag lunch, and beverage for each day, fly spray for yourself & your animal, and appropriate clothing for hiking (including hiking shoes that can handle water/mud and rain gear.  Note – we used to supply snacks but ran into too many folks with food issues. Therefore, we now ask that you plan to provide all your own food needs.  Please leave young children at home or bring a sitter since dealing with inexperienced animals is enough of a challenge in the “wilderness”.  And please, absolutely NO DOGS or other pets – do not plan to leave them in your car!

$75.00 per person per day      OR
$125.00 per farm or family couple per day (either 1 or 2 llamas same fee)

Call or email us to set up your appointment.  *A minimum $25.00 non-refundable deposit will hold the date.  Full refund if we must cancel the workshop for any reason and a new date cannot be agreed on.