This workshop for up to 6 individuals is usually taught at the local fiber arts shop Mill Artisans in Sherburne, NY but other arrangements for travel to groups can be made.

This workshop teaches you how to weave a small table pad for under a plant, to be used as a hot pad, or just for decorative purposes.  While no one knows for sure when these popular and simple looms were first used, some fiber folks believe that peg loom weaving is actually an early technique used by the early Vikings and European settlers.  All variety of flat woven projects may be made; from rugs to highly intricate wall hangings to scarves and place mats, the proposed project should be matched to the loom characteristics.  The width of the loom, number & spacing of peg holes in the loom, will determine the ultimate width of the final project and the tightness of the weave. The more closely the thickness of the warp approximates the diameter of the pegs, and the closer the spacing of the peg holes, the denser the weaving will be when removed from the loom.  A loom with widely spaced thick pegs will be more appropriate for a rag rug while a loom with more closely spaced thinner pegs will undoubtedly be appropriate for scarves or table runners using finer yarns. The techniques learned while making this small table pad are applicable on other peg looms and projects.

This workshop will show you how to start your project by including two methods for tying on warp yarns.  We will learn the basic weaving technique of tabby or plain weave and how to change colors a couple different ways. We will add a bit of design with one or more techniques like Color Alternating and Soumak weaving depending on how our time runs.  You will have a bit of creative license or may simply repeat the prescribed pattern to create a more design-balanced project. You will learn how to remove your work from the loom and to tie in ends a couple of different ways.  We will discuss project closures and finishing techniques.

Class Cost:  $50 student fee includes everything.  There is no separate materials fee or loom rental.  All yarn and equipment will be provided.

See our Product page for information about the looms we have for sale.  Loom purchase is NOT a requirement of this workshop.

Student Requirements:  No previous skills required.  Class is open to children over 14 and adults.  Maximum class size is 6 students.

Registration:  Students should register with me per the contact information at the very bottom of this page.  A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place.  Remainder will be due at the workshop.

Classes are scheduled as participants sign up.  They are usually held on Sundays from 9–1 pm or 2-6 pm but Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays are also available.  Let me know as soon as you can if you are interested in being on the waiting list.  Once 3 or more people sign up on the waiting list, I will schedule a class taking up to the first 6 registered students (those that have sent in deposits).

Check our Home page for the next scheduled workshop or the Mill Artisans’ website at  If you have 4 -6 people in your group willing to come on a specific day, call or email me, to set up that workshop.