This workshop for up to 6 individuals is usually taught at the local fiber arts shop Mill Artisans in Sherburne, NY but other arrangements for travel to groups can be made.

This workshop teaches a technique of using continuous strand weaving on a rectangle loom similar but different than that used on the triangle loom.  See the description about the technique under the TRIANGLE LOOM CONTINUOUS STRAND WEAVING workshop section.  The concepts are the same; the rectangle is essentially a series of triangles.  However, the progression of the project is not as straightforward as in the triangle loom.  While previously taking a Triangle Loom Workshop will have an advantage in understanding the rectangle, it is not a prerequisite.

This workshop will show you how to start your project and basic weaving techniques including tabby or plain weave and how to change colors.  You’ll love the automatic diamond patterning!  We may even have time to do some 2×2 twill so you can weave dimensional patterns with just solid colors too!  You will learn how to undo your work, fix mistakes, and join yarns!  We will also cover finishing methods like adding fringes (or not), removing the project off the loom, and how using different yarns can change the final shape of your project.  You will take home a woven piece that can be used as a cowl or Mobius scarf, or panel of woven cloth that can be combined with future projects.

Class Cost:  $60 student fee plus $15 material fee or bring your own – see below
Loom rental for class: $5.00 or you can provide your own supplies & loom if it is transportable with an unfinished piece on it (Loom should be no smaller than 30 inches along the long side).  This class is set up to complete a project on the looms available to rent.  $25 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place.  Remainder will be due at the workshop.

Student Requirements:  No previous skills required.  Class is open to children over 14 and adults.  Maximum class size is 6 students.  All equipment and supplies including yarn will be provided.  No materials fee if the student provides their own yarn.  Approximately 50 yards each of 2 colors in a medium sport weight is needed.  Yarn needs to be in a ball or center pull skein.  Select light colors (they are easier to work with for a beginner); Do NOT bring fuzzy yarns like mohair, or other hairy wools, novelty, or thin cotton sock weight or lace yarns.  We’ll explain how to use these but they are not good for the beginner weaver in this workshop and will not be allowed to be used.

Registration:  Students should register with me per the contact information at the very bottom of this page.  A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place.  Remainder will be due at the workshop.

Classes are scheduled as participants sign up.  They are usually held on Sundays from 9–1 pm or 2-6 pm but Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays are also available.  Let me know as soon as you can if you are interested in being on the waiting list.  Once 3 or more people sign up on the waiting list, I will schedule a class taking up to the first 6 registered students (those that have sent in deposits).

Check our Home page for the next scheduled workshop or the Mill Artisans’ website at  If you have 4 -6 people in your group willing to come on a specific day, call or email me, to set up that workshop.

Other weaving tools and equipment are available for purchase or borrowing.  (We also sell two larger sizes of rectangle looms should you be interested in either those in stock or putting in an order – contact us separately if interested.)